Low Fiber Diet


Low-fiber nutrition therapy reduces the frequency and volume of stools. This lessens irritation to the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and can help it heal.

Conditions that may require a low-fiber nutrition therapy

  • Crohn's disease
  • Diverticulitis
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Radiation therapy to the pelvis and lower bowel
  • New Colostomy/ Ileostomy
  • Recent intestinal surgery


If' you are lactose intolerant you may need to consume low-lactose dairy products-or avoid dairy foods completely.
Take supplements if they are recommended by your doctor or registered dietitian (RD).

Recommended Foods

Food GroupRecommended Foods
Milk and Milk ProductsMilk Buttermilk and kefir Lactose-free milk Yogurt or soy yogurt Mild Cheese Cottage Cheese Soy Milk, Rice Milk, or almond milk Sherbet
Meat or Other Protein FoodsTender well-cooked beef, pork, poultry, or fish Eggs Smooth nut butters (Such as peanut, soy, almond, or sunflower) Tofu
GrainsRefined white flour products Cream of wheat Grits(Fine ground) White Bread, pasta and rice Cold and Hot cereals made from white or refined flour
VegetablesCanned and well-cooked vegetables Mashed potatoes Vegetables without skins or seeds Vegetable juice
FruitCanned, soft, and well-cooked fruits Fruit juice without pulp
Fat/OilsOils, butter, cream, cream cheese, margarine, mayonnaise. When possible, choose healthy oils and fats, such as canola and olive oils.
OtherBroth and strained soups made from allowed foods

Foods Not Recommended

Food GroupFoods Not Recommended
Milk and Milk ProductsAvoid milk and foods made with milk if you are lactose intolerant
Meat or Other Protein FoodsTough meat or meat with gristle Dried beans
GrainsWhole wheat bread, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole grain and fiber
VegetablesRaw Vegetables Cooked greens or Spinach High fiber vegetables such as peas and corn
FruitDried fruit Fruit Juice with pulp Fruit Skin
Fat/OilsWhen possible, choose healthy oils and fats, such as canola and olive oils

Sample 1 Day Menu

Breakfast1 egg scrambled 1 slice white toast with 1 teaspoon margarine 1/2cup fine-ground grits or cream of wheat 1/2cup cranberry juice Tea or coffee
Meat or Other Protein FoodsTough meat or meat with gristle Dried beans
Snack1/2 cup canned peaches 1 cup milk
LunchTuna sandwich: 3 Tbsp tuna salad, two slices bread 1 cup cream of chicken soup 6 saltine crackers Water Tea or coffee
Snack1/2 cup cottage cheese 1 Banana Water
Evening Meal1 cup chicken breast 1 cup white rice 1/2 cup cooked canned carrots 1 tablespoon margarine 1 soft, white dinner roll Tea or coffee
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