Crohns Diet


1. High fiber diet
Fruits, Vegetables, beans and nuts make symptoms worse, during a flare-up, but when you are in remission, eating a fiber-rich diet can lower inflammation, said Dr. Steven Masley, president and medical director of Masley, president and medical director of Masley optimal health center in St Petersburg, Florida. Aim for 30 Grams a day and experiment with different types of vegetables, fruits, beans, and grains.

2. Lena Protein and Lamb
Aim for 4 Ounce of protein at lunch and dinner from chicken, fish, beef or eggs. Baked or Boiled is best because fried foods are full of saturated fats.

3. Spices
Curcumin, Turmeric and curry are antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory, so try adding them to your meals.

4. Fermented Foods
“The natural fermentation produces probiotics, which are the beneficial bacteria that we know can, help with Crohns Disease, “ Zibdeh said. Kimichi and sauerkraut are good choices but check the labels to make sure there are no added chemical ingredients.

5. Nuts & Seed Butters
Nuts and seeds might make your symptoms worse, but almond and sunflower seed butter has healthy monounsaturated fats as well as magnesium.

6. Yogurt
If you can tolerate cow’s milk, try yogurt with probiotics or lactose-free yogurt because it doesn’t have sugar, which can make symptoms worse.

7. Grass-fed butter
Grass-fed butter contains short-chain fatty acids, which can help to promote healthy gut bacteria and reduce inflammation. Be sure to eat it in moderation, though.

8. Salmon
It’s not only a protein powerhouse; salmon also has Omega-3 Fatty acids which help lover inflammation.

9. Zinc rich foods
If you are deficient in zinc try adding oyster, beef, dark meat, chicken, crab, lobster or pork chops to your diet.

10. Gluten free foods Although avoiding gluten can eliminate bloating, there’s no evidence that it's anti-inflammatory,” Rubin, a spokesperson for Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, said. Nevertheless, if wheat worsens your symptoms, choose white rice and sweet potatoes instead.

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