Credence trial - kidney benefit using canaglifozin in diabetes

Credence trial results was recently published 

In short the  study  showed 


In addition to decreasing albuminuria, canagliflozin proved effective in addressing other renal endpoints including the composite risk of end-stage renal disease, doubling of serum creatinine, renal death and CV death (HR = 0.7; 95% CI, 0.59-0.82) as well as ESRD by itself (HR = 0.68; 95% CI, 0.54-0.86) compared with placebo. Bakris also said there was less degradation of estimated glomerular filtration rate with canagliflozin compared with placebo.

“A little bit of a reduction initially but the key is not what’s happening acutely — the key is what’s happening long term,” Bakris said. “Decline of kidney function is essentially stabilized with canagliflozin.”

According to Bakris, these results held regardless of baseline eGFR, albuminuria, diabetes status and history of CVD, amputation or heart failure. In addition, demographic differences between patients did not affect the outcomes.

Bhavin Dave, MD

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